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How to tunnel UDP traffic over TCP

If you would like to secure UDP traffic via unsecure networks or network segments you can add authentication and encryption easily.

Consider a web cam that transmits unencrypted UDP packets via the Internet and that has a dynamic IP address. How to secure this transmission?

Configure two ApplicGate instances

The ApplicGate instance at the source side (the web cam) accepts the UDP packets from the web cam and initiates a TLS session to the destination. The ApplicGate instance at the destination accepts the TLS session (with optional authentication of the source by requesting a client certificate) and sends the UDP packets to the destination. UDP replies from the destination are routed back to the source (web cam) via the TLS session.

Detailed configuration

As usual the configuration is done via keywords in the type field:

ApplicGate at source:
  • UDP:IN
  • SSLTARGET:servernameDestination
  • SSLCC:clientCertificate … optional for client authentication
ApplicGate at destination:
  • SSL:serverCertificate
  • CCR:clientEmailoptional for client authentication
  • ISS:clientCAoptional for client authentication

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