Secure Access Hub wanted?

ApplicGate offers network segmentation on application layer for industry and critical infrastructures.
Additional to layer 5 application routing the portable application for Windows and Linux enables control of load-balancing and logging for IPv4 and IPv6 services.

  • Implement complex network routing requirements with high security
  • Control of data exchange and application provisioning
  • Network segmentation on transport and session layer
  • IP address und port translation for TCP/UDP protocols
  • UDP tunneling via TCP (TLS)
  • Failover configuration / load balancer for any TCP/UDP services
  • Access control, session logging, audit log
  • Security protocol router available for Linux und Windows

Use Cases/TechInfo

Network Segmentation

TCP/UDP connections terminate at ApplicGate and are routed to the destination according a routing table.


Routing can be done dependent on following parameters:

  • Source IP address
  • Local gateway IP address and TCP/UDP port
  • Authentication
  • Date/Time
  • Additional routing dependent on application protocols
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Reverse Connection Establishment

ApplicGate can be configured with only outgoing connections from servers.


Only outgoing connections are allowed:

  • No connection initiation from insecure to secure network.
  • Ports are closed automatically when service is down.
  • Simplification of firewall configuration.
  • Central configuration and logging.
Secure Access Hub

Additional Authentication

Various optional authentication methods can be configured.


Following Authentication Methods are supported

  • Certificates and smartcards
  • One-Time Password via email or SMS
  • Google or Microsoft authenticator
Secure Access Authentication

VPN Client

A VPN client can be easily downloaded via Click Once.


The advantages of this solution:

  • The VPN client receives a list of computers where the user is authorized for access and an indication if the target computer is online or not.
  • For easy access shortcuts can be generated. Several protocols are supported.
  • The VPN client can use a web proxy to connect to the Internet.
  • All protocols (RDP, CIFS etc.) are tunnelled through encrypted connections.
  • Access can be controlled by timers (date, hours, weekdays).
  • Authorization via client certificates.
  • The VPN client can be preinstalled or downloaded via Click Once.
Secure Access VPN

FAQ + Techblog

Q: Is ApplicGate available for Linux also?

A: Yes, it is. Send an email to and we will be glad to send you a version built for Linux.

Looking for a Reverse Proxy?

How to tunnel UDP traffic over TCP

If you would like to secure UDP traffic via unsecure networks or network segments you can add authentication and encryption easily.

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