Searching a Remote Service Platform?

With ApplicGate manufacturers and operators can implement secure and flexible remote access via public networks.
Access points are configured once and are available via the Intranet or the Internet for all who are authorized.
This remote access schema fits perfectly for commissioning, testing and maintenance of industrial plants.
Remote access via TCP connections such as RDP, VNC, SMB, http(s), databases etc.

  • One central ApplicGate RSP server with any number of remote ApplicGate installations
  • No client installation necessary
  • No IP address conflicts
  • Integrated shortcuts (e.g. for RDP)
  • Central installation and logging of all connections
  • Optional notification via email to arbitrary addresses at session start and termination

Use Cases/TechInfo

Access remote Sites from Intranet

  • Clients within the Intranet can access remote sites without any VPN client installation
  • Secure authentication
  • Via web browser a menu of available connections with connection status is available

Clients within the Intranet have to logon to the central ApplicGate RSP server via a web browser.

  • Authorization is done via certificate, One-Time Password or authenticator (Time-based One-Time Password).
  • Now a web page shows all available remotes sites.
  • Sub-page show all access methods for the specific remote destinations e.g. RDP.
  • If a shortcut is configured a remote session can be started via a mouse-click.
  • Only such destinations will be shown where the user is authorized.
Appset image

Access remote Sites from Internet

  • Clients connecting to the central ApplicGate RSP server via the Internet have to install an ApplicGate VPN client
  • Secure authentication
  • Same look and feel as Intranet version without VPN client

Clients within the Internet operate the local ApplicGate VPN client via a web browser.

  • The local ApplicGate VPN client logs on to the central ApplicGate RSP server.
  • Authentication is done via certificates.
  • The status of available connections will be updated automatically.
  • Shortcuts for e.g. RDP will be generated.
  • The VPN client can be downloaded via Click Once.
RSP Internet

Access remote Web Sites

  • Access web sites within your remote sites from everywhere (internet and Intranet).
  • No VPN client needed, just use your web browser
  • Secure authentication
  • Menu of available sites and connections is available
  • This perfectly fits for mobile devices.
  • Clients log on to the central ApplicGate RSP server via a web browser.
  • The central RSP server operates as web proxy to forward the connections to the remote sites.

FAQ + Techblog

Q: Is ApplicGate available for Linux also?

A: Yes, it is. Send an email to and we will be glad to send you a version built for Linux.

Looking for a Reverse Proxy?

How to tunnel UDP traffic over TCP

If you would like to secure UDP traffic via unsecure networks or network segments you can add authentication and encryption easily.

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