Want to get an Integrated Web Server?

The integrated web server can be configured easily to host a full web site.

Or just define a redirection if a service offered by ApplicGate is out of order (e.g. based on a schedule).

The web server is also used to host customized web pages for other functions such as logon pages and shortcuts for the Remote Service Platform (RSP) functionality.

Use Cases/TechInfo

Web Server

Multiple web servers can be defined that support TLS encryption and authentication using certificates or On-Time Passwords (OTP and TOTP).


Options to configure the web server:

  • The web server supports GET, POST and DELETE requests.
  • It supports directory listings. Search patterns (filters) can be applied.
  • A special view to show images with navigation can be selected.
  • A list of MIME types is integrated and can be extended and/or replaced by the administrator.
  • Downloading of files can be logged, filters can be specified.
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Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Post processing of GET and POST requests can be done easily.

Any process can be activated to process the incoming data and return a response.


Options to configure CGI:

  • Configure a Filter to define which incoming request activates which program.
  • Various options to construct the arguments are available.
  • Arguments are: The received URL or the name of the posted file, the IP address of the sender and the email address of the sender according to the authentication (if any).
  • The standard input of the activated program is filled with the received http header.
  • The allowed maximum size of a posted file can be defined.
  • Various options to format the output are available.
  • The internal mail thread of ApplicGate can be activated when the program has finished. This allows sending of files immediately if an RFC file has been inserted into the pickup directory by the activated program.
  • The output will be sent back directly (must be html formatted) or can be embedded into a specified (html formatted) response file.
Web Server CGI

File Synchronization

The web server can be used to exchange files via POST and GET requests.
This can be helpful in a high security environment where no direct communication is allowed between the sender and the receiver.
The sender posts the data to the web server.
The the receiver retrieves the data from the web server and (optionally) deletes it at the web server after successful transmission.



  • As file sender the utility httpPost (provided by ApplicGate) can be used.
  • As file receiver the utility HttpGet (provided by ApplicGate) should be used.
  • Authentication can be done via certificates.
  • Subdirectories are supported and will be created at the receiver side automatically
Web File Synchronization

AD Password Setting

If you would like to change the password of an Active Directory user via a web page then this is a perfect solution.

Access to this web page can be protected by client certificates or One-Time-Passwords.



  • Define a web page within ApplicGate and specify the Active Directory domain controllers to be used for password reset.
  • Default html files to build the web page are provided and can be changed as needed.
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FAQ + Techblog

Q: Is ApplicGate available for Linux also?

A: Yes, it is. Send an email to and we will be glad to send you a version built for Linux.

Looking for a Reverse Proxy?

How to tunnel UDP traffic over TCP

If you would like to secure UDP traffic via unsecure networks or network segments you can add authentication and encryption easily.

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